Pulp War II:
6mm scale Weird WW2
E.T. & Non-Human

>> Pulp War IITM: Wunderwaffen

The Wunderwaffen are the secret weapons that Germany has been developing to try and win the war.

They include, Supersonic Rockets, huge Tanks, Mechanised Walkers and exotic weapons such as Death Rays, or the Wind Cannon. 


Alkett VsKfz 617 Minenraumpanzer (1)



Krupp Kugelpanzer Reconnaissance Vehicle (1)


Fallschirmjager Schlactstern (Battlestar) VTOL Pillbox (1)


Krahe (Crow) Heavy Mechanised Walker (1)


To combat this threat the allies have developed their own range of Special Weapons.

These also include  Mechanised Walkers, Sonic Tanks, Hover Jeeps, and Teslian Electromagnetic Technology. Only time will tell which side will be ultimately victorious. 


Canal Defence Light (CDL) Leaflet Tank Turret (1) 

Please Note: M3 Grant/Lee Tank not included.

Roadrunner Medium Mechanised Walker (1)


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