Pulp War II:
6mm scale Weird WW2
E.T. & Non-Human
E.T. & Non-Human

>> Pulp War IITM: Extra-Terrestrials & Non-Humans

The German Occult Research Institute (GORI) has recruited a number of Extra-Terrestrials & Non-Humans to aid Germany in her struggle against the allies.

These include, Pleiadean Greys, Fishmen, Atlantean Warlords, Hyperborean Saurians and the Hive.  

Each of these races brings highly sought after capabilities to the battlefield. However their extreme rarity means they can only be deployed on high stakes special missions which best suit their capabilities. They are simply to precious to waste.

Atlantean Warlord + Jet Bike (1+1)

Pleiadean Grey Party (12)

Pleiadean Grey Observation Pod (1)

Pleiadean Grey Scout Saucer (1)

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